2021-22 Season

We are pleased to announce the Society’s programme for the 2021-22 season.  There will be seven recitals, all on Tuesdays at 7.15 pm in the Pottery Room of Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens.

21 September 2021    Viv McLean

12 October 2021    Iyad Sughayer

9 November 2021     Dominic Degavino

7 December 2021    Pippa Harrison & James Willshire

8 February 2022     Antonina Suhanova

8 March 2022    Cristian Sandrin

12 April 2022    Daniel Lebhardt

Update 5 May 2021

We regret that the last recital of the season (Daniel Lebhardt on 18 May) also has to be cancelled.  All this season’s recitals are being rescheduled for the 2021-22 season, which will start with Viv McLean on Tuesday 21 September at 7.30 p.m.   Dates and pianists for the other recitals will be posted when these are confirmed.

Update 8 April

Regretfully, the duo recital on 20th April has also been cancelled.  On a more positive note, all the cancelled concerts from this season are being rearranged in 2021-22, and the dates will be posted when they have been confirmed.

Update 6 March 2021

We very much regret that owing to the continuing lockdown Antonina Suhanova’s recital (30 March) must be further postponed.  New dates for postponed recitals will be announced when they have been arranged.

Update 11 February 2021

There are two further changes to our schedule.  We are sorry that Cristian Sandrin’s recital on 9th March is now cancelled, as a result of the continuing lockdown.  But Viv McLean’s recital, originally booked for September 2020, has now been rearranged, for 21st September 2021.  We will continue to post updates when further decisions are made about the remaining concerts in the current season.

Update 18 January 2021

Given the current lockdown, the recital by Dominic Degavino scheduled for 9th February cannot go ahead.   We are very sorry not to be able to resume our programme at present.  A decision has not yet been made on the two March recitals, but we will post a further update when the situation becomes clearer.

2020-21 Season: Further Update

There are two further changes to the programme.  Regretfully, Iyad Sughayer’s recital on 12th January is CANCELLED; we hope that it can be rearranged for the 21/22 season.  However, Antonina Suhanova’s recital (cancelled in December) has now been rearranged for Tuesday 30th March 2021.  We are still hoping to start our much delayed season in February!

2020-21 Season: Update

Here is an update on the current situation regarding the 20/21 season. The committee have continued to hope that we may get going at some point and indeed plans were well advanced for a concert in December but the latest Government restrictions have essentially ruled that out and it has been cancelled. That is the first concert to be actually cancelled; others have been rearranged and there are existing bookings running from January through to May. We are, of course, dependent on the stance of the Government and the Local Authority but we will remain primed to get going whenever we can and will communicate whenever the door might open. Inside the door we should expect limited numbers, “ distancing “ but hopefully not masks.

2020-21 Season: Revised Dates

We are sorry that the start of the new season has to be postponed further, given the current pandemic situation.  The October and November recitals (by Daniel Lebhardt and Viv McLean) are now postponed to late Spring 2021.  We are now planning to start the season in December with the recital by Antonina Suhanova, but still holding a full season of 7 recitals.  The dates and pianists for the recitals between December and April are unchanged.  See the page RECITAL SCHEDULE 2020-21 for full details.

20/21 Season: Revised Schedule

Given current uncertainties, we have decided to postpone the start of the new season to October.  All the planned recitals are still included, but there are some date changes.  There will also be a recital by Iyad Sughayer to replace his cancelled recital in April this year, so there will now be a total of 7 concerts in the season.  The full revised schedule is

Tuesday 20 October 2020          Daniel Lebhardt

Tuesday 17 November 2020     Viv McLean  

Tuesday 8 December 2020        Antonina Suhanova

Tuesday 12 January 2021           Iyad Sughayer

Tuesday 9 February 2021          Dominic Degavino

Tuesday 9 March 2021                Cristian Sandrin

Tuesday 20 April 2021                 James Willshire & Philippa Harrison (duo)